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    Concord Is Back!

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    Precision Shank Drill Wins AE50 Award

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    Sectional Control Now Available On New Air Carts

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    Fast, With A Smooth Finish: The Precision Shank Drill.

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    Model 2250 Air Carts Have A ‘Stainless’ Reputation.

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Why Choose Amity Seeders?


Amity drills are designed to work productively at higher speeds, so you can get your seeding done faster … especially when you have a tight window to get the work done.


Simple Design

Farmers have enough to worry about. We keep our product design simple – fewer moving parts, less time performing maintenance.


Fertilizer Accuracy

Place fertilizer a consistent distance from the seed, and at consistent depth, all while retaining more of the fertilizer in the soil in the first place.



From individual row units controlling soil flow to hydraulic cylinders allowing for on-the-go down pressure adjustments, Amity units deliver exceptional control for optimal seeding.


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Amity was founded in 1996 by Howard and Brian Dahl after the sale of Concord Inc. In 2007 Amity ventured back into seeding tools with the same drive to help growers become more successful. Today, Amity seeding tools carry on the Concord legacy of advancing dependable air seeding technology and are manufactured in Wahpeton, ND alongside Wil-Rich and Wishek tillage tools.

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