Model 2250

Featuring a stainless steel meter and tank, the 2250 is a multi-use air cart that can be used with air drills, planters, chisel plows and strip till applicators.

Models 2800/3350

The 2800 and 3350 air carts are designed to be less complicated, while still durable and versatile. The stainless steel meter is virtually maintenance-free.

Models 3800/5250

The 3800 and 5250 air carts have both the versatility and size to do more work in the field. The stainless steel, 3-compartment system is more durable than any competitive model.


Amity was founded in 1996 by Howard and Brian Dahl after the sale of Concord Inc. In 2007 Amity ventured back into seeding tools with the same drive to help growers become more successful. Today, Amity seeding tools carry on the Concord legacy of advancing dependable air seeding technology and are manufactured in Wahpeton, ND alongside Wil-Rich and Wishek tillage tools.

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