Section Control With Curve Compensation

Amity offers section control for new orders of 3800 and 5250 air carts.

» 4 sections of up to 3 dry products.
» Supports both single and double chutes.
» Electric drives with meter on/off control
» During turns and curves, the flow rate of each section is automatically adjusted so that a uniform seed and fertilizer rate is achieved across the width of the machine.


Three separate tank compartments can be used to apply 1, 2 or 3 different products at one time, maximizing product use efficiency.

Single or Dual Airstream

Choose between single or dual airstream. Two airstreams can be used to deliver product from any combination of the compartments to different locations on the implement.

Tow-Between or Tow-Behind

The cart can be used in front of or behind the seeding implement.

ISO Compliant Monitor System

The user-friendly ISO compliant electric control unit monitors all critical tank functions including fan speed, bin levels, meter status, ground speed and acres.

» Operator can control rates from the cab
» Can apply to a map at variable rate
» Ideal for use with Raven CR7 terminal, but compatible with most ISO systems

Other Standard Features

» Bin level sensor
» Meter speed verification
» 10-inch fill auger with poly cupped flighting
» Pass-through hydraulics
» Automatic work switch