Product Highlights

Residue Clearance

No bunching or residue piles


Fast and Productive

Run at 8 mph or more


Smooth Field Finish

Wide packer tire properly closes the furrow


Concord® legacy edition


Precise Down Pressure

Monitor and control on-the-go


Seedbed Utilization

Up to 47% depending on opener and input


Fertilizer Efficiency

Full control of all application factors


The legendary CONCORD® air drill was the driving force behind the development of the air seeder industry from the 1970s to the mid 90s. Its feature s and innovations have been proven over millions of acres and remain as must-have features in today’s air seeders.

Developed by the same minds that created the CONCORD, the Amity Precision Shank Drill combines some of its best features with modern technology to take efficiency and productivity to new levels … making the Precision Shank Drill worthy of the title, Concord® Legacy Edition!

The Amity Precision Shank Drill is the market’s first row unit with a shank. The simple row unit design allows the drill to operate at higher speeds than typical shank drills. By minimizing soil disturbance and capturing blown out soil, the drill helps ensure controlled operating depth, more uniform seed cover, and a consistent field finish.


Residue Clearance

A rippled coulter on the Precision Shank Drill easily cuts through tough residue conditions and fractures soil ahead of the opener to keep residue flowing smoothly through the drill, rather than bunching and leaving piles of residue all over the field.



Why is this shank drill able to work at higher speeds? It’s all about controlling the soil. Each row unit acts independently so that what one row unit does has no effect on the one beside it.

  • The coulter pre-fractures the soil to minimize disturbance by allowing more soil to move around the opener, instead of being lifted and blown out.

  • Any displaced soil is then captured by two independent closing discs around the opener.

  • The discs immediately direct the soil back over the seed row, ensuring uniform seed cover at speeds of 8 mph or more.

  • The drill is designed with robust components to withstand the stress of higher speeds and demanding seeding conditions. Additionally, components are designed for minimal maintenance, with the packer wheel and slicing coulter bearing only requiring seasonal greasing.

Field Finish

As the closing discs work to contain soil and put it back evenly into the trench, a wide packer tire then follows and properly levels the furrow. The result is a consistently smooth field finish.

    • Precise Down Pressure

      The down pressure on a row unit is a critical factor in producing a clean field finish and even emergence of the crop. Down pressure on the Precision Shank Drill is kept constant by an individual hydraulic cylinder on each row unit. A control box display allows the operator to monitor and control down pressure on-the-go.




Amity was founded in 1996 by Howard and Brian Dahl after the sale of Concord Inc. In 2007 Amity ventured back into seeding tools with the same drive to help growers become more successful. Today, Amity seeding tools carry on the Concord legacy of advancing dependable air seeding technology and are manufactured in Wahpeton, ND alongside Wil-Rich and Wishek tillage tools.

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