Section Control With Curve Compensation

Section control on the drill minimizes double seeding, saving valuable input costs.

» Each of the three 10-foot sections turn on and off independently by sensing whether the drill has already seeded an area.
» Can utilize high-resolution prescription maps and meter product by section based on field.
» During turns and curves, the flow rate of each section is automatically adjusted so that a uniform seed and fertilizer rate is achieved across the width of the machine.

Row Metering

Individual row metering helps provide even seed spacing for better emergence and production.

» Each seed opener has its own dedicated meter.
» Venturi meter design eliminates the need for a pressurized hopper.

Speed & Productivity

The 30-foot NT Single Disc Drill can consistently run at speed of 8 to 10 mph, compared to a typical industry mark of 6 mph. And just as importantly, it can do so while working at top efficiency in any tillage environment. By covering more ground in less time, it can seed more acres faster than larger competitive drills.

Easy to Maintain

A patented opposing single disc design is remarkably simple to operate and maintain. Each opener has just two moving parts – two wheel bearings that need to be greased once a year – reducing maintenance needs and keeping you working in the field.

Fertilizer Accuracy

Placement of fertilizer in relation to seed is critical to planting success. The Amity 30-foot NT Single Disc Drill features a mid-row bander to apply liquid, dry or NH3 fertilizer directly in between the seed trenches created by the drill’s two discs. The discs also provide the unique capability to throw soil back over the fertilizer immediately after its application – no other drill on the market is capable of capturing and retaining NH3 with such a high degree of efficiency.

» Discs are spaced 6 inches apart, with mid-row banding placing the fertilizer only 3 inches from each row and up to 1.5 inches below the seed. This puts the fertilizer exactly where it should be to feed the seeds, and not the weeds (competitive drills typically space rows 10 inches apart, putting fertilizer 5 inches away).
» A rear packer tire further helps to properly close the furrow and capture NH3, with seed on each side of the tire. The agronomy all happens under the tire.
» Tight spacing, just 2 feet disc to disc, keep fertilizer application accurate even when turning or operating on hills.

Blockage/Flow Monitors

Optional blockage monitors detect relative flow of seed and/or fertilizer to each opener. This means the technology not only shows you whether or not material is flowing, but it also alerts you if the flow is less than your target rate.