Precise Down Pressure

Seeding depth is controlled by frame height hydraulic cylinders on each tool bar, eliminating the need to crawl through the machine to adjust individual openers. A control box display allows the operator to monitor and control down pressure on the cylinders on-the-go.

Consistent Packing

Competitive single disc drill gauge wheels tend to move around a lot in actual working conditions. The packer tire on the Amity Single Disc Drill re-levels the soil and residue as it travels, remaining stable as it runs at a consistent depth.


The drill can easily be converted to a fertilizer applicator only, if desired.


Simply by opening or closing seed openers, the Amity Single Disc Drill can be configured for a variety of spacing possibilities for 30-inch rows, such as 6”/9” & 6”/9”, 6”/24”, 9”/21” and 15”/15”.

  • 6"/9" Configuration

    Small Grains | Pulse Crops | Cover Crops | Soybeans | Canola | Fertilizer


  • Twin Row 30" Configuration

    Soybeans | High-Speed Strip Till | High-Rate Fertilizer Application