Precise Down Pressure

Seeding depth is controlled by frame height hydraulic cylinders on each tool bar, eliminating the need to crawl through the machine to adjust individual openers. A control box display allows the operator to monitor and control down pressure on the cylinders on-the-go.

Consistent Packing

Competitive single disc drill gauge wheels tend to move around a lot in actual working conditions. The packer tire on the Amity Single Disc Drill re-levels the soil and residue as it travels, remaining stable as it runs at a consistent depth.


The drill can easily be converted to a fertilizer applicator only, if desired.

Blockage/Flow Monitors

Optional blockage monitors detect relative flow of seed and/or fertilizer to each opener. This means the technology not only shows you whether or not material is flowing, but it also alerts you if the flow is less than your target rate.


Simply by opening or closing seed openers, the Amity Single Disc Drill can be configured for a variety of spacing possibilities for 30-inch rows, such as 6”/9” & 6”/9”, 6”/24”, 9”/21” and 15”/15”.

  • 6"/9" Configuration

    Small Grains | Pulse Crops | Cover Crops | Soybeans | Canola | Fertilizer


  • Twin Row 30" Configuration

    Soybeans | High-Speed Strip Till | High-Rate Fertilizer Application