Precision Shank Drill Wins AE50 Award

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has announced the 2019 AE50 Award winners. This award, which is in its 33rd year, is presented to the best innovations in engineering and technology for agricultural, food, and biological systems. Approximately 50 products are selected each year for this prestigious award.

The Amity Precision Shank Drill (PSD) blends the best features of the legendary concord® air seeder with modern technology, all with no daily maintenance needed. The row units incorporate multiple features that make this 61-foot PSD perform precisely, even at higher operating speeds. The independent-link row units provide precise depth control, exceptional ground following, smoother field finish, and better packer wheel performance, which all lead to better seed placement. Each row unit uses individual rippled coulters with active hydraulic down pressure to slice trash and fracture the soil ahead of the opener to keep residue flowing and minimize soil blowout. Independent closing discs capture the soil displaced by the opener so that it can be properly packed over the seed. Learn more about our award winning Precision Shank Drill here.


Amity was founded in 1996 by Howard and Brian Dahl after the sale of Concord Inc. In 2007 Amity ventured back into seeding tools with the same drive to help growers become more successful. Today, Amity seeding tools carry on the Concord legacy of advancing dependable air seeding technology and are manufactured in Wahpeton, ND alongside Wil-Rich and Wishek tillage tools.

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